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All volunteering applications are located at the bottom of this page

We are always in need of fun-loving volunteers. We work in Western Sydney hospitals, aged care facilities, universities, schools and courtrooms. Our volunteers also participate in fundraising and community activities, and provide emergency therapy dog services.


The best volunteers are playful, easy to laugh and love dogs. It’s very important that a volunteer is dependable, as people will rely on you to support their emotional well-being. Dogs and their handlers must be able to pass an assessment that observes obedience, personality and the bond between the dog and handler.


•  Volunteers may be asked to immunized for certain roles. Nepean Therapy Dogs Inc. will pay for the cost of the immunization.


•  Volunteers will need to pass a volunteer working with children check.


We accept most dogs. The age, size and breed of dog will impact the amount of training needed. Larger dogs will require a higher level of training; while, older dogs may require a lesser degree of training. We accept dogs between the ages of 12 months to 9 years of age.


•  We do not accept aggressive dog breeds, dogs with anti-social problems, dogs over the age of 10 and dogs that do not have a current vaccination record/must be vet approved.


All dogs must wear a soft flat collar or martingale, no check chains or harnesses throughout the assessment or whilst working as a therapy dog.




We support our volunteers. We reimburse when necessary, provide light refreshment, encourage you to volunteer where you want to volunteer and value you by listening to you. Our other objective is ensuring you (and your dog) are safe in the field.


For all active members there is an annual $30 membership fee. The $30 and a $20 deposit covers your training, ID badge, uniform, the dogs’ uniform and insurance.


Total cost for new members:


$30.00 annual membership

$30.00 one-time uniform deposit

($60.00 total for the first year)

What we are assessing:


The calmness of your dog

Your ability to work with the dog

Separation anxiety

Communication skills

Cleanliness of dog

Our Process


Step 1. Behaviour assessment

Step 2. Training assessment

Step 3. Dog Obedience Training (if needed)

Step 4. Therapy Dog Training

Step 5. A professional dog groomer teaches the handler (you) how to clean dogs to hospital standards. (if required)

Step 6. Role playing and obedience test.

Step 7. Handlers (you) are scenario trained on what to expect in the field, how to prepare, to understand, avoid risk and to stay safe. Each program we offer is different, so the degree and type of training for each case varies.

Important Notes:


Dog handler teams are decided based on the individuals’ goals for volunteering and the dogs’ capabilities. Dogs are assessed and re-evaluated once every 12 months. Our volunteers are required to have a working with children check and a national police check.


If you believe that you and your furry friend would be suitable members of our team and would like to find out more, click here to take our test of whether you and your dog would make an amazing therapy dog duo!

Volunteering without a dog application 
Volunteering with a dog application
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