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Our hospital visits are designed to see a large amount of people in a short amount of time. The point of the visit is to lift the spirits of the patient and their family, to give both patient and family something new to talk about and to create new stories for patients to talk about. It is also worth mentioning the hospital staff also benefit from the visits.

Overview of the hospital program

Our therapy dog hospital teams are trained on how to work in the hospital setting. Training includes identifying safety issues, hygienic practices, positive communication, environmental control and dog management. The majority of people we see in the hospitals we visit (Blacktown, Katoomba, Hawkesbury, Mt Druitt, Hawkesbury and Springwood) love having the dogs visit. Visits per patient can be as short as five minutes to more than fifteen minutes. We do hospital visits in teams of more than two people (in most cases as least three to four people per hospital). This way if one volunteer is held up by a patient the other volunteers can still proceed in doing the rounds.

Our therapy dog handlers visit western Sydney hospitals. When visiting the hospitals our goals are to improve the hospital experience, reduce isolation, encourage a positive workplace and to help people remember positive past experiences with animals.

How it works

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