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Aged Care


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Our aged care program is a donation based service, designed to connect residents to our volunteers and therapy dogs. The goal of the program is to encourage the resident to talk about their feelings, to relive past events, to encourage happiness, to give them something to talk about and something to look forward to. The aged-care visits and programs can vary depending on the client’s needs. Our volunteer handlers are experienced and flexible to accommodate most situations. We offer three different types of visitation, including individual and small groups.


Common concerns


Dogs: Our dogs are well trained and do not jump, bark or show signs of aggression. To exceed hygiene standards, the night before visitation the dogs are bathed and groomed. Dogs will not react to most noises including alarms or exciting voices. Dogs are on a lead at all times; to avoid being a trip hazard, smaller dogs may be in prams.


Volunteer handlers: Our volunteer dog handlers are specially trained at our training centre. Volunteers are taught on how to interact with residents, staff and therapy dogs. While visiting our volunteer dog handlers will take care of all the dog’s needs.


Insurance: Yes, Nepean Therapy Dogs Inc. has public liability insurance coverage.


If you would like to book in a visit to your facility please click the link and complete the form:

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