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Other Services 


Corporate Destress - Donation Based

Nepean Therapy Dogs offers workplaces the opportunity to relax with our therapy dogs for a short while to take the weight of their work pressure off their shoulders. Simply spending time with the dogs can cause stress levels in the body to decrease, therefore allowing employees to work happily and efficiently.



Informative Speaking - Donation Based
Therapy dog services are commonly perceived as assistance dog services, but the two are vastly different. Nepean Therapy Dogs offers to inform groups and individuals in the community what our therapy dogs do, and how therapy dog services may be beneficial for them. Groups can hear the stories of our volunteers on how they have helped those around them through their therapy dog work.

Emergency Visits - Free Service Based on Availability
Nepean Therapy Dogs also offers therapy dogs in response to last minute calls. These include calls for individuals who have been in an emergency of some sort or are experiencing acute mental illness. Only our most experienced therapy dog teams make these visits as they are highly trained in these sensitive environments. This service assists in distracting individuals from the emergency and allow them to feel calm and happy.

Please call either Nicole Celeban on 0427 393 699 or Paula Smith 0413 641 661

Palliative Care - Free Service Based on Availability
Nepean Therapy Dogs is sensitive to individuals and the loved ones of individuals who are reaching the end of their days, by providing therapy dog teams that are specially trained to be calm, collected and sensitive to make private visits. The goal of this service is to break the cycle of focusing on dying and remind people of the special times that can be shared with dogs.


Disaster Response
When natural or social disasters occur in the western Sydney community, Nepean Therapy Dogs is quick to respond to traumatic events and provide support to individuals who may be adversely affected. This service intends to take the attention away from the present trauma and allow individuals to have moments of peace and joy.

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