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15 Are you and your fur baby looking to be part of a supportive, highly energetic and playful team?

Picture this: You and your fur baby, adventuring into a room plagued with boredom and sadness. You look left, you look right and hold up your fur baby and ask “Who wants cuddles?” The boredom and sadness melts away as they cheer and laugh in joy at your furry team. My friend, you will feel like a hero! Inquire Now!

But wait! You will have the same effect on staff.

You arrive at a quiet, almost empty ward in the hospital. You see a nurse, she looks at you with a “how can I help you” expression…. but all of a sudden she sees your fur baby and is overcome with joy; she squeaks in delight and runs up to your dog. Staff nearby hear the noise; they come out of their respective areas to inspect the reason for the squeak. The once empty ward fills up with staff that you could have sworn were not there moments ago. There is an impromptu party around your dog and you my friend feel like a hero. Inquire Now!

We are always in need of fun-loving volunteers. We work in various medical facilities, nursing homes and in rare cases schools. We are active in community events, such as: parades, walk-a-thons, festivals and special fundraising events.

We support our volunteers. We support volunteers by reducing costs, listening to you, giving you choice in where you volunteer; ensuring you (and your dog) are safe in the field, and making sure volunteers are given light refreshment.

16We always have a need for new volunteers. The best volunteers are playful, easy to laugh and love dogs. It’s very important that a volunteer is dependable as people will rely on you to bring cheer. Dogs with their handlers must be able to pass an assessment, followed by a role-playing test and an obedience test.

We accept most dogs. The age, size and breed of dog will impact the amount of training needed. Larger dogs will require a higher level of training; while, older dogs may require a lesser degree of training. We accept dogs between the ages of 12 months to 9 years of age.  Inquire Now!

Cost: For all active members there is an annual 22 dollar membership fee and that’s it. The 22 dollars covers your training, ID badge, uniform, dogs uniform and insurance. As of January 2017, all members are required to provide a 20 dollar deposit for their uniform.

Total cost for new members:

$ 22.00 annual membership

$ 20.00 one time uniform deposit

$ 42.00 total for the first year

We need volunteers in the following fields:

Schools, Courts, Hospitals, Aged Care, Palliative Care and in our therapy centre.

17   What we are assessing

  • The calmness of your dog
  • Your ability to work with the dog
  • Separation anxiety
  • Communication skills
  • Cleanliness of dog
18   Our process:

Step 1. Behaviour assessment

Step 2. Training assessment

Step 3. Dog behavioural Training (if needed)

Step 4. Therapy Dog Training

Step 5. A professional dog groomer teaches the handler (you) how to clean dogs to hospital standards.

Step 6. Role playing and obedience test.

Step 7. Handlers (you) are scenario trained on what to expect in the field, how to prepare, to understand avoid risk and to stay safe. Please note volunteers who engage in our court program will require more training.

The story of Chanel

19Chanel is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who developed profound hearing loss over the course of a year. Chanel had to learn how to communicate by understanding hand signals and prompts from her doggy family. Chanel’s hearing loss allows her to handle calming distressed children and people screaming in intense pain; the noise doesn’t affect her.

We cannot afford to overlook dogs like Chanel; your dog’s disability will change people’s lives. We work in hospitals where some people are just discovering they have a long term disability. Your dog’s disability helps them understand they are not alone, they can live or overcome the disability and they can talk about their situation.