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Nepean Therapy Dogs is located:

374 High Street

Penrith NSW 2750 Australia 

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Tuesday – Friday 10 am to 4 pm

Closed to the public Saturday, Sunday and Monday


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General Enquiries: Nicole Celeban

0427 393 699

General Enquiries: Paula Smith (General Manager and Trainer Assessor)

During office hours call 0413 641 661


Open Volunteer Roles:

Dog and handler Team


Our New Services: 


Court Program

Our court program is designed to promote and protect the mental health of our clients (the person testifying). The court program has three components; before testifying, testifying and post testifying. The objectives of our court program is to work with the client’s (the person testifying) pre-existing counselling/mental health program, to help the client overcome emotional stuck points which can lead to delays in testifying and increased anxiety to the client.

Child Engagement Program

We create a safe environment for children to start tackling challenges in their life such as reading, anxiety, health, stress and low self-esteem. The We Read program is for children age six to sixteen. The parent or carer that knows the child well will be involved to support the child to read a book with one of our therapy dogs. The therapy dog helps relax the child, allowing the child to enjoy the reading experience.

The We Train program is designed for children aged eight to sixteen. We will team up an experienced handler with their therapy dog to learn about the basics of dog care, communication and handler responsibilities. You will see your child’s confidence thrive, joy as they achieve and a more positive outlook to help them start tackling some of the challenges in their life. If you would like to find out more please give us a call to discuss 0413 641 661.

Chat ‘n Pat

Chat and Pat creates an opportunity for seniors still living at home to connect with other people in the community. We provide stimulating fun activities facilitated by one of our senior volunteers along with plenty of therapy dogs on hand to provide cuddles and interaction. Our aim is to create a fun, engaging environment for seniors to meet and enjoy good company from like-minded people along with our happy social therapy dogs. This service funded by donations. Please give us a call if you would like to attend one of our fun activities! 0413 641 661

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Senior Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to get out into your local community, meet new people and make a difference to people’s lives. It can be very rewarding and give you a sense of purpose. We support senior volunteers by teaming them with a compatible volunteer. The therapy dog handler will train the senior volunteer in building a trusting relationship with the dog and learn how to handle the dog safely. This will open the experience to visiting schools, being involved in the reading program, being part of the Chat and Pat seniors program, or the more traditional visitations such as nursing homes or hospitals.

Interested? Feel free to email us below or call Paula Smith between 10 am to 4 pm Tuesday to Friday at 0413 641 661


Our Services:



We regularly send out teams of volunteers to visit many of the Hospitals in Western Sydney. Each team covers a single hospital. There are two people to a team and 2 to 4 dogs per team. All handlers are accompanied by an experienced therapy dog worker. This ensures hospital safety standards are met. Our handlers sit with families, allowing them to pet the dog and talk about anxiety problems they might have. We tend to work very well with families in palliative care. When a dog enters a palliative care room the people lighten up and have something to talk about. The dog interaction encourages the family to recall fun and happy life events. Our handlers are used to and comfortable working around palliative care rooms. As mentioned before we follow all safety precautions; most of our human volunteers are vaccinated against Chicken Pox, Measles and Hepatitis (it takes about six months for all vaccines to be effective). Dogs are completely vaccinated. We also supply our volunteers with hospital grade hand sanitizer and other personal/dog hygiene products.

Nursing Homes and Retirement communities

We regularly visit nursing homes and retirement villages. Unlike hospitals we will send a single person or two max to a nursing home; this is because nursing homes are much smaller than hospitals and can become crowded. Also, nursing homes are smaller than hospitals, visits tend to be a shorter stay of about an hour or more. Our volunteers encourage individuals to engage with the dog. Over time we have learned we can encourage less mobile individuals to be more active by having the person “walk the dog” around the facility. The dogs do a great job in allowing the individuals to reflect on life events and tell us their stories.

Emergency Calls

Our membership has expanded and we are able to offer more services to the community. One of our new services is last minute calls. This is for a person who has had a mishap and landed themselves in the hospital; from acute mental illness to last wishes, we do our best to make the visit. Only our most experienced handlers volunteer for these roles as they can be very sensitive.

Schools and Reading Programs

Yes, we are in schools as well and we also do reading programs. We have dealt with many types of school programs and are able to work in all types of classrooms those with special needs and those without. Classrooms vary so much it’s hard to list what we do; we work with children’s motor skills/fine motor skills, we encourage them to read and we engage them socially, we also explain what therapy dogs do. The only thing we don’t do is have the dog do specialised tricks as it’s not what they’ve been trained to do (they’re therapy dogs).

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Important Notes:

* We do not accept aggressive dog breeds, dogs with anti-social problems, dogs over the age of ten and dogs that do not have a current vaccination record/must be vet approved.

* Dog handler teams are decided based on the individuals desire and the dogs capabilities. Dogs are assessed and evaluated once every six months. Our volunteers are required to have a working with children check and a national police check.


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